Episode 30: Jerks-Giving

The Ballad of LeGarrette Blount continues, Derrick Rose’s career may not continue, the Red Sox continue to spend money, and the Jerks continue to condemn people to Sports Hell. Plus, big trailers for Star Wars and Jurassic World debut this week, Wonder Woman has a director, Constantine may be over, and the Jerks say what they’re thankful for. Gobble Gobble!

Those Two Jerks: Episode 30


Episode 11: Dramatic Pauses and Too Many Porn References

The Olympics were one big meh, the debut of ‘This Would Have Been Awesome(ly Bad)featuring ‘Jurassic Park 4’ and why people who randomly sing out loud in public piss Tom off. It’s Those Two Jerks, another quality product from JerkCo!

Those Two Jerks: Episode 11