Episode 109: Abrupt Transitions

The Jerks break down whether Tim Tebow will get called up to the majors this year, juiced baseballs in MLB, and Mayweather and McGregor’s tour de insults. Plus, all the geeky news from D23 Expo (Tron ride! Star Wars hotel! Marvel land!), the latest on “The Batman,” and a remembrance of George A. Romero and Martin Landau. Comedy, tragedy, gallows humor, poop jokes — we have it all!

Those Two Jerks: Episode 109

Episode 1: Comic Book Movies, Why Our NFL Teams Stink, and What’s Pissing Us Off

Those Two Jerks: Episode 1

Our first podcast! Woo-hoo! In this month’s episode, Tom and Ric talk about the state of comic book movies (including the new John Constantine TV series), the awful starts the Buccaneers and Vikings are having, and why people who back into parking spaces for no reason piss us off.